Revitalizating Monson: Memorial Park

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Although it has been a wet spring and summer here in Monson, it has been a season for growth. Not only has the vegetation bounced back from the major drought we faced last year, but also the Town is sprouting new opportunities and sense of optimism that has rejuvenated the community. The Town of Monson—now nearly 200 years old—has experienced economic downturns in the past; however, this most recent economic drought has lasted many decades. Now, with the seeds being planted by Libra Foundation, Monson Small Business Association and other active volunteers in the community, our town is beginning to take on a new light.

With the recent sale of the former Monson Community Center to Libra Foundation, the playground and memorial garden located behind the building had to be moved. With a comprehensive revitalization of our community actively underway, the most ideal location for the playground and memorial garden would be a place of central access. The new location for the playground—Memorial Park—serves as an excellent location to centralize recreation for the children of Monson. In addition to the playground, the lot will contain two memorial gardens, a fenced in skate park / winter ice skating rink, and new off street parking for safer access. Our goal is to create a recreation area that is both inviting to existing families in town, and also attractive to new young families looking at Monson as a possible place to raise their family.

As Libra continues to invest in the promise of Monson’s future, so too will the town. We will continue to work toward making our community a bright vibrant place to be proud of. We will continue to invite new ideas and new perspectives as we begin to chart our course for the next 200 years.