Autumn Leaves

Lake Hebron Pond West

Welcome to the Town of Monson. As the Autumn leaves change and we enjoy the scenic vistas nature provides, we are reminded that winter is rapidly approaching. I encourage everyone to take a peaceful ride in the country to soak up the beautiful colors, but be mindful that winter is knocking at the door. Please take the time to check your chimneys, stove exhaust vents, and other heating system vents to make sure airways are clear. Make sure your firewood is cut and your winter fuel delivery has been ordered. Please also remember to be safe on the roads as the cool mornings freeze moisture on the roads and bridges. Winters can be challenging to the elderly, disabled and others who may have a hard time clearing snow. This year, we have been reminded on more than one occasion of the fragility of life and the impact it can have on the community. As we embrace the changing of the seasons, please remember your neighbor. A little kindness goes a long way.

Photo courtesy of A.Trader ©2016