Special Town Meeting September 19th

Town of Monson

Special Town Meeting Warrant

September 19th, 2019

To Susan DeLoia or any other resident in the Town of Monson, in the County of Piscataquis and the State of Maine


In the name of the State of Maine, you are hereby required to notify and warn the inhabitants of said Town of Monson, in the said county and state, qualified by law to vote in town affairs, to meet at the Monson American Legion Building, in said town, on Thursday the 19th day of September 2019 A.D. at six in the evening then and there to act on the following articles to wit:

Article 1

To choose a Moderator and Deputy Moderator to preside at said meeting and to be voted by written ballot

Article 2

To see if the town will vote to accept the following changes to the town’s land Use Ordinance:

In Section V: Land Use Standards, A. General Standards, Section 5, subsection: C; Buildings Standards for             All Districts: 

E:  Collapsed or Destroyed Buildings; when a building collapses due to snow load, lack of maintenance, tree falling on the building or any other reason, the owner of said building of buildings has 90 days to cleanup, remove and dispose of the building.  After 90 days, the Code Enforcement Officer may grant a variance to extend the time limit.

Select board Recommends Yes

Article 3

To see if the town will vote to accept the following changes to the town’s Largen Animal Ordinance:

In “Section 3- Restrictions” the following will be added:

B.  Except that, within the Village Limits, six (6) hens with a henhouse and fenced in area shall be allowed.

C.  Notwithstanding subsection B herein, no roosters and no free-range chickens shall be allowed in the Village Limits.

In “Section 6- Enforcement” the entire section will be replaced with the following:

A.  It shall be the duty of the Animal Control Officer (the “ACO”) to enforce the provisions of this Ordinance.  If the ACO determines, in the ACO’s  sole discretion, that any provision of this Ordinance is being violated, the ACO shall notify in writing the person or persons responsible for such violation, indicate the nature of the violation, order the cessation of such violation, and instruct that the violator(s) have 30 days within which to appeal such violation to the Town Board of Appeals.

B.  The Town Board of Selectmen are hereby authorized and directed to institute any and all legal actions and proceedings necessary to enforce the provisions of this Ordinance. 

C.  Violations of this Ordinance are subject to Title 30-A, Maine Revised Statutes as annotated, Section 4452.

D.  The Town’s Board of Appeals may permit on appeal, exceptions to, and variations from, the regulations in this Ordinance in accordance with the principals, conditions and procedures set forth in the Ordinance. 

Select board Recommends Yes

Article 4

To see if the town will vote to accept an easement from Shawn and Lynn Nelson for their property on the North Guilford Road, recorded in Book 1553 Page 187 at the Piscataquis County Registry of Deeds, for the purpose of constructing and accessing a dry hydrant to be used by the Monson Municipal Fire Department or mutual aid department.

Select board Recommends Yes

Article 5

To see if the town will vote to authorize the select board to enter the town into a non-appropriation lease for a new mini pumper fire/rescue vehicle, for the sum of $150,000.

Select board Recommends Yes

****The total cost of the vehicle is $174,200.84. The town will be paying the vendor $25,000 as a down payment from the Fire Equipment Reserve Fund and leasing the remainder through Androscoggin Savings Bank. Non appropriation means that if the town chooses to not fund the lease payment at town meeting the bank will take the vehicle and the town is absolved of responsibility for the truck.

The Registrar will be open regular office hours, Thursday, September 19, 2019 for the purpose of correcting the list of voters. You must be a registered voter of the town to vote at the Town meeting.

Given under our hands this 12th day of September 2019 A.D.


Karl Martin Jr.


Eric Vainio


Tyler Adkins

True Copy Attest


Martha Gagnon

Town Clerk