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Town of Monson

Special Town Meeting Warrant

January 23rd, 2020

To, Susan DeLoia, or any other resident in the Town of Monson, in the County of Piscataquis and the State of Maine


In the name of the State of Maine, you are hereby required to notify and warn the inhabitants of said Town of Monson, in the said county and state, qualified by law to vote in town affairs, to meet at the Monson Town Office, in said town, on Thursday the 23rd day of January 2020 A.D. at six thirty in the evening then and there to act on the following articles to wit:

Article 1

To choose a Moderator to preside at said meeting and to be vote by written ballot

Article 2

To See what sum of money, if any, the town will vote to raise and appropriate for Public Works.

Select Board Recommends $80,000 from Undesignated Surplus

The Registrar will be open regular office hours, Thursday the 23rd day of January 2020 for the purpose of correcting the list of voters. You must be a registered voter of the town to vote at the Town meeting.

Given under our hands this 9th day of January 2020 A.D.


Karl Martin Jr.


Eric Vainio


Tyler Adkins

True Copy Attest


Martha Gagnon, Town Clerk